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Reference and turnover data

Eurex reference data is provided on a daily basis. A data description can be found at the bottom of this page. 

Turnover data from Xetra, Börse Frankfurt, regional exchanges and Cascade system (OTC) for structured products is provided on a daily basis.

More information

The following data is available:

Eurex RDF reference data is provided as compressed Reference Data Files (RDF) in FIXML-layout. The initial reference data file generated at the start-of-day includes the “reference data snapshots” available from the previous day. During the actual trading, multiple incremental files are created as complex instruments are added. New complex instruments predefined by the exchange are also sent in incremental files.


Cascade-Turnoverdata provides an overview of exchange traded and over the counter (OTC) traded structured products. It contains the daily number of transactions, the number of shares traded, the equivalent in euros, the transaction type and the transaction date. The data source is the settlement system Cascade.